Innocent Liar

Published May 20th, 2004   Revised edition coming soon!

The first of Ketchum’s books introduce John Bodie private investigator, a polygraph examiner, and Army Lieutenant Colonel who retires to a sleepy little northwest town…he thinks.  The residents of this small community greet him with open arms and test his investigative abilities with murder, rape, and arson.

The town characters range from lovable to treacherous.  Deception is rampant and humor is abundant, while danger is ever-present.  It starts with the black market in Korea, then a rape in Oregon, a murder in western Washington State, arson, and fraud in the eastern part of the state.

It terminates with a deadly shooting in Bodies’ retirement haven.  His ability with the polygraph as an investigative tool coupled with his talent as an investigator is challenged throughout the book.  It is a true education in the actual use of the polygraph.

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Laser Liar

Published October 14, 2005

John Bodie returns using his investigative ability which is enhanced greatly by his skill with the polygraph. He is recruited by the Terrorist Activity Control Team (TACT), which officially doesn’t exist, to find a top-secret weapon that officially doesn’t exist, produced in a covert laboratory that also is officially non-existent.  John and TACT chase the weapon from Arizona to Washington State.  Their search is complicated by the abduction of one of the scientists who invented the weapon.  John’s ex-employee Karen Anders joins the team and immediately becomes involved in a shoot-out.  The operation becomes crucial when they discover the terrorists’ target.  Even more so when time becomes a factor.  This book like the others by Ketchum is an education in the use of the polygraph.

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Telepathic Liar

Published May 20th, 2007

The Telepathic Liar is a story of the attempt by Middle Eastern terrorists to create a nuclear holocaust in the United States and of the courageous men who challenge them.  To prevent this disaster to humanity and ecology, John Bodie is recruited to work with the Top Secret Terrorists Activity Control Team (TACT).  Bodie was beaten and left for dead by terrorists in a previous encounter.  Now the terrorists have taken the life of a friend and the son of one of John’s previous employees and he fully intends to even the score.

A terrorist cell in Florida has established a school specializing in parapsychology.  Their promise of removing the fear of flying actually works.  However, it’s replaced with telepathic mind control over the students that turns them into deadly tools for the religious zealot’s cause.

Under the influence of a terrorist doctor, three student pilots are each placed in a small plane containing a stolen nuclear artillery shell and programmed to simultaneously crash. But into what?  John Bodie is tossed, unconscious, into an alligator-infested lake. He uses his polygraph techniques to uncover the terrorist’s operation.  After which, he joins TACT and Mossad in stopping the pilots and eliminating the terrorist cell.

The humor abounds in this fast-moving, action-packed story as it builds in intensity to a most powerful ending.  There are many private investigator novels but this is the only one that combines the authenticity of the polygraph as an investigational tool.  The novel is not only exciting fiction but instructive in educating the reader regarding the truth about polygraphs.

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Lie to Me

Published May 20th, 2009

Illegal aliens are ordered into the United States by a foreign government by the thousands.  The economy of that foreign country depends on the financial returns from these undocumented workers.  It is an illegal immigration conspiracy that threatens the United States.

This influx creates multiple murders, assaults, arson, and counterfeiting in the small town of Vallejo, Washington.  The chief of police requests help from John Bodie and his investigative talent as well as his polygraph skills.  His education, training, and experience are put to the task.

John’s friends Dede, Karen, and Tom Turner are hospitalized.  One of his friends dies as a result of the investigation.  The top-secret Terrorists Activity Control Team and a team from Immigration and Customs Enforcement become involved in the milieu before it’s over.  As with all of Ketchum’s books, humor is plentiful and suspense leaps from page to page.

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Liar, Liar House on Fire

Published February 17, 2010

Revised Second Edition March 20, 2020

Mysterious house fires break out in a small town in Arkansas.  Buddy Bodie the Fire Chief and cousin to John Bodie is the prime suspect.  He calls on his investigator cousin to come to Arkansas and help him find who the real arsonist is.

John arrives to find a crooked sheriff involved in a deadly conspiracy.  Again, John plies his polygraph skills and investigation techniques to clear his cousin and discover who the arsonist is.  That's when the real danger to John and Buddy sets in.

The beautiful Deputy Sheriff Christy Buckholtz teams up with the two cousins to solve two murders and catch the conspirators.  All three fear for their lives and John must think fast to save his.  John experiences the most tragic event of his life.

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Vengeance in Vallejo

Published September 21, 2011

An attorney kills a man who tries to rape her on Halloween night in her Seattle office. She escapes from the Assessinos, a local gang.  The brother of her attacker and the person she killed is the gang's leader.  She returns to her hometown in Vallejo, Washington. Upon her arrival in Vallejo, she hires John Bodie, a retired private investigator and polygraph examiner, to keep her alive.

The gangs discover that she has returned to her hometown. After several unsuccessful attempts to locate her, they take over the small-town police department, taking the police chief, his assistant, and another officer hostage.

Before the siege is over there is a rape, murder, a mass shootout, and chases.

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Karaoke Killer

Published May 2, 2012

John Bodie is called to assist the commander of a secret government team when an employee of a top-secret laboratory discovers an unauthorized person has accessed classified information. The employee who knows the person is murdered before the commander and Bodie can get to her.

A rash of murders with the same MO involving karaoke singers occurs at the I & J Fountain Restaurant. Is it a serial killer or a cover-up for a laboratory employee's murder?

Who is stealing the secrets? Who is receiving the secrets? Who is doing the killings? Is it someone at I and J?

It's only been five years since the same laboratory was overrun with terrorists. A secret laser weapon was stolen and Personnel was killed. Bodie and the secret Terrorist Activity Control Team chased the terrorists across the country to a showdown in Washington State. Have some of that element returned?

You may want to come to the I and J Fountain Restaurant in Surprise Arizona and see some of the suspects yourself.

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2020, Patriots Revenge

Published May 2, 2014

The year is 2020. The premier of the Socialist Republic of America, with the backing of the Global Government, has placed the country under Sharia Law. Radical extremists have been brought into the country to enforce the new law. Churches, synagogues, and temples have been burned and Christians and Jews murdered.

The southwest portion of the country is still loyal to the Constitution of the United States of America. Bands of Patriots conduct hit-and-run operations to keep the area free. One such Patriotic group is known as the Desert Fox. Aubrey Finley, three of his old army buddies, and two tough females fight night and day. They conduct combat operations in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. They are assisted by Native Americans and receive their support from Mexico.

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Where's the I in the I and J?

Published April 10, 2015

The Phoenix branch of the Los Angeles-based Russian Mafia wants I & J's Fountain Restaurant as their starting point in taking over a condo and office complex. The facility is needed to house, feed, and provide a work area for a major operation they plan to undertake in the United States.

Jose refuses to sign over the lease of their restaurant. He beats up two men sent to convince him. In their continued effort to force the issue, they kidnap Izabela. John Bodie is called in to assist in finding her. Winter visitors and local customers band together to support Bodie in the recovery of Izabela and to remove the Mafia threat. The FBI becomes involved when numerous killings break out.

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2021 The Search

Published  February 4, 2016

The Premier of the Socialist Republic of America wakes the radical sleeping cells in the United States and brings 65,000 radicals into the country in the years 2015 & 2016. ISIS invaded the country in 2011.  The Patriots face difficult warfare. Desert Foxe's search for their teammate becomes grim.

Aubrey Finley leads his growing team through battles and firefights in Arizona and Utah. His strategy and planning keep them alive, or at least most of the time. A young Indian girl possesses a strange gift that affects the team. As their search continues, two other women, one a huntress, the other an Army sharpshooter joins the team.  The Premiers, Federal Police Agency, FEMA is concerned with ISIS. The team is determined to find their teammate, Norma in spite of the Radicals, ISIS, and FEMA. The determination and bravery lead them to the point they are pinned down and low on ammo. 

Three Ladies Hungry Afraid and Chained

Published August 22, 2021

Things become unaccounted for, then men disappear, and then college girls are missing. It’s beyond the sheriff’s expertise. When the relatives bring the problem to the attention of the city fire chief, he immediately calls his cousin John Bodie. John successfully helped the community with a severe problem in the past. John arrives to encounter attempted rape, kidnapping, and murder. He is wounded before he discovers the perpetrators are part of an ISIS cell involved in human trafficking. The race is on to save the girls before they ship them out of the country.


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