Simply brilliant! A series of books that will keep you laughing, wondering and glued to every chapter. Its very difficult to find a good book that a Redneck finds himself wiping tears of laughter from his cheeks, John Bode does just that and more. Start with book one and get ready for a journey that you will remember. -Jayme Allen- 

I bought the entire series. I don't how he does it. His mix of suspense and humor is absolutely amazing. He keeps you guessing. His John Bodie character is now my favorite fictional person. I hate to put the book down and I'm sad when I finish it. I can't wait for the next one and reconnect with my fictional friends.
                                                                                                                        -Frank Hobbs-

John Bodie series just gets better and better! Laugh out loud funny, and full of action. I recommend this series, but I would read them in sequence from the beginning so you really get to know the characters . Some endings leave you hanging, so I look forward to the next book. Keep up the good work. 
-D. Nelson-

There are so many layers to John Bodie's personality that about the time you think you have him figured out ,or what his next move may be, he throws you a curve ball and you better duck or get caught in the cross fire. His complete unpredictability is what makes him such an engaging leading man. Having read the entire series it has been so much fun following all of the craziness he seems to attract like flies to a cow patty. Bodie is a very funny character that doesn't know he is funny which makes him all the funnier! Even with all the fast action and humor there is always an underlying message of how messed up this country really is and Bodie always gives the reader a reality check which sometimes is so strong it feels like a kick in the gut.
                                                                                                                     -Sharon Stephens-

John Ketchum is a must read. He has a gift for taking different locales and
using them to fit his novels. His characters are as much at home in Arkansas as
they are in Georgia, Washington or Arizona. We are led through his fiction with
unexpected twists and turns. He creates compelling characters who bring you into
the story with them, and when you close the book, you wonder what they will be
mixed up in next.                                                              
Pauline Mounsey, Publisher                                                                                                                                      
Lucid Stone Publications