About the Author

John Lawrence Ketchum was born into show business. His father was an actor, director and dancer. His mother was an actress, and choreographer. John had his first acting part at age 5. The family left the repertory theater and settled in Dalton, Ga. to put John in school. His dad managed the WBLJ radio station. The family used their stage name and John attended school as Larry Armond. He worked as an actor in summer stock theaters. He did juvenile leads, comedy and tap danced with Bisbee Comedians, Brooks Stock Company, Shafner Players and danced and did blackface comedy in Bill Bailey's All Star Minstrels. He played drums on the World of Mirth Shows and with Shirley and the Dukes.

John votes the man not the party, has a glass of wine with his dinner, reads the funnies, does the puzzles and watches several sitcom's on TV. John enjoys working in his shop, repairing things and photography is a his hobby, especially photographing wild life. He had a large family of raccoons and opossums that he enjoyed watching while he lived in Florida. The alligators were a great subject for photography but not for finding in his yard. It was then that he decided to change lakes and moved to Arkansas. He enjoyed his pontoon boat and fishing and writing articles for the local paper. However, snow and ice storms, being without electricity, phone and paper for twelve days and trying to cook frozen diners on the bar-b-que grill at 20 degrees was too much. He couldn't stay away from Arizona any longer. A peaceful retirement community in Sun City, with its wonderful neighbors captured his heart. He would rather sweat than shiver.

The political situation and future water problems in Arizona cast a new light on Arkansas. John's redneck blood brought him back. He misses his lake but enjoys the shoping facilities in Mountain Home.

John was always amazed at the military. The Army awarded him the Bronze Star Medal on two occasions simply for getting out of enemy situations that he had gotten himself into. They even gave him a medal for moving too slow and getting wounded. He also has five Army Accommodation Medals for Valor. However, his prized award is the Soldier's Medal for heroism when he went into an uncharted minefield and brought out a wounded soldier. John retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.

After his retirement he began a private investigation company in Seattle, Washington. His company was the third largest in the state. He conducted or supervised over three thousand investigations and performed more than six thousand polygraphs before selling his company and retiring again.
His days of driving a big engine Grand Prix are over. He now drives a Dodge minivan. His wife Donnie, refuses to let him have a motorcycle. She says he would probably put his eye out. He is also the proud owner of a little Bichon Frise. She was born in 2005 and has been with him ever since.

He enjoys memberships in the Elks Club, American Polygraph Association, National Polygraph Association, Military Order of the Purple Heart Association, American Legion and several other organizations. John writes a newsletter for the Military order of World Wars.

He has been in many tornadoes in Nebraska and Arkansas, earth quakes in Washington State and Alaska and several hurricanes in Florida. Those were a few of his dislikes along with crowds, loud music, people using cell phone in restaurants and tear jerking movies. He loves country/western music, rock and roll, the color red and corn bread and beans.

His latest hobby is doing karaoke a couple of times a week.